The Best Saturdays of our Lives!


The Best Saturdays of our Lives

Author Information

The Best Saturdays of our Lives Book!


 The Best Saturdays Of Our Lives Was A Monthly Newsletter That Was Originally Published From 1992 To 1996 And Was Circulated On A Monthly Basis To A List Of Animation And Television Executives, Networks, Studios, And Comic Book Publishers. The Newsletters Have Been Compiled In This New   Edition And Chronicles The Origins Of Competitive Saturday Morning Programming From The Big Bang Of the 1966-67 Season Through The Programming Of 1990s. 

Author Bio


 Mark McCray is a Senior Manager of Programming Operations for Adult Swim overseeing Adult Swim’s On-Air Promotion and Scheduling strategy.  Prior to Adult Swim, Mark helped launch the Boomerang Network and worked as a Television Programmer for Cartoon Network.  He is the author of The Best Saturdays of Our Lives which chronicles the origins of competitive Saturday morning programming. Mark is an award winning television writer who has been in the broadcasting industry for 18 years and has a passion for programming strategy, animation and comic books.  For The Best Saturdays of our Lives, Mark has been interviewed by Adult Swim’s streaming series, The Swap Shop and NYIT Magazine.  Mark resides with his family in Powder Springs, GA.  Follow him on Twitter  @MarkmcTBSOOL.  

Areas of Expertise



  • The origins of competitive Saturday Morning Programming.
  • Spotlights on studio executives, writers and animators.
  • ​Saturday Morning Programming Trends before and after the dawn of the digital age.
  • The origins of positive Animated African-American characters.

Presentation Topics



  • Animation on a shoestring budget - The Saturday Morning Years 
  • Saturday Morning Programming Strategy from the 60s though the 90s 
  • African-American Influences on Saturday Morning during the Silver and Bronze ages 
  • How Star Trek: The Animated Series Influenced the Star Trek Franchise

A day in the Life!

San Diego Comic Con (2012)


 Hanging out with Tommy Davidson  who was at San Diego Comic Con promoting "Black Dynamite" where he voices the role of  "Cream Corn!" 

BronzeLens Event (2015)


Meeting Karyn Parson at the 2015 BronzeLens Event for her animated production of "The Journey of Henry Box Brown." 

Guest Lecture (Savannah College of Art and Design) 2017


Lecturing on the topic of "animation on a shoe-string budget" to the  "History of Animation" class at SCAD.

Treklanta Convention 2017


Hanging out with my buddy Greg Taft at Treklanta where I presented a Star Trek animated panel..

SCAD AnimationFest 2018


I kicked off the SCAD Animation  Show where I educated the students on the history of "animation on a shoe-sting budget" which featured  refreshed animation clips. 

Jordan Con Literary Book Convention


Meeting up with my friend and fellow author Aaron Michael Hall at Jordan Con!

TBSOOL BLOG! Featuring New and Past Chapters of the Best Saturdays of our Lives!

Treklanta 2017 Panel

Check out my panel form 2017 how Star Trek The Animated  Series influenced The Star Trek Franchise!

Time Out with TaLynn Kel

 ​​​​​​​I  was a featured guest on Time Out with TaLynn Kel - The Onyxcon 2017 Book Edition!  

The Adult Swim Podcast Interview

 The Adult Swim Interview reveals the origins of the my career from Programming on Boomerang and Cartoon Networks to overseeing the Promo and Packaging strategy for Adult Swim Linear and Non-Linear Networks!